Fantasy Games

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What kinds of games are there?

Pick ‘em/Results-Based Games

The most common MMA fantasy games, these usually involve picking winners, while some also ask for method of victory, length of fight, or other elements. While simple to play, the use of bonuses and other game mechanics can make for a compelling repeat experience.

Stats-Based Games

Create a true fantasy experience to match fantasy football and baseball by using FightMetric’s in-fight statistics. Stat categories like strikes, takedowns, and submission attempts can be used to produce an immersive fantasy experience that adds depth to following MMA.

How to get a fantasy game:

You Build, We Help

If you have development resources, FightMetric can provide the rest. From consulting to stats feeds to game design, drawing upon FightMetric’s unparalleled experience can make your fantasy game shine.

Turnkey & White Label Solutions

Leverage FightMetric’s end-to-end capabilities and deep expertise to get exactly the game you want. Let us handle design, development, even game operation and customer support. We can build any game to your specifications.

Case Study: UFC Pick ‘em

FightMetric designed, built, and operates the fantasy games for the premiere MMA organization in the world. Fans can play UFC Pick ‘em on web and mobile platforms, use social media to share their selections, and create private pools for closer competition among friends. Players pick winner, method, and round for every fight at every UFC event and earn bonus points for correctly choosing underdogs, tight matchups, title fights, etc.


Case Study: TUF Tournament

TUF Tournament bridges television and the web by letting fans pick their way through each bracket in The Ultimate Fighter. Immediately following each TUF episode, viewers can pick the winner of the fight for the following week. Players pick a winner for every fight in the season, but earn bonus points for correctly picking fighters as they advance through the tournament. FightMetric provides the game in three languages to accommodate foreign viewers and international TUF seasons.


Case Study: Sherdog Fantasy

FightMetric designed, built, and operated a popular Pick ‘em game for one of the world’s most popular MMA sites. In addition to the standard selection of winner, method, and round, players had a limited number of ‘boosts’ to use wisely. Get a boost right and earn 200 extra points. Get it wrong and lose 50 points instead.

Case Study: MMA Salary Cap

FightMetric released the first ever stats-based fantasy game in 2011. Players get a budget, buy stakes in fighters at an event, and earn points based on their statistical performance. Players must pick a strategy when spending their budget, putting all of their money in just a few fighters or spreading it out across a wider set of fighters.